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  • The area of Słupca Commune is located in the eastern part of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), in the Warta River catchment  and the Meszna River. The most important advantage of this area is  convenient communicational location (there is a transit route from the east to the west of Europe). Another important aspect is relatively good quality of soil (62% areas of III and IV class of fertility).
  • The local authorities' headquarters are located in town of Słupca (H. Sienkiewicz Street no. 16), which is surrounded by the rural areas of Commune Słupca    to the north, south and east. The areas are separated by the international routes, including: railway truck no. E20, national road no. DK92 and  the highway no. A2, which is connected with Słupca.
  • The number of citizens accounted for 9.497 (as at 24 August 2015).
  • The area of Słupca Commune is 145 km2
  • Agricultural areas account for 85,7% of the whole surface. The forest cover of the commune is low (ca. 5% of the area). The Commune has a relatively good technical infrastructure. There is  melioration on fields wherever it is needed . All villages have an access to the water network system and they also have well-developed electricity and telecommunication networks. 80% of roads are made of tarmac. The current gas network is still being expanded. At present, parts of the network in the following villages: Wierzbno, Kowalewo Opactwo, Poniatówek and Piotrowice are under the construction.See the current gas network system at: www.avriomedia.pl/pl/strefa_zasiegu/slupca.html

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Słupca Commune Profile

Słupca Commune is a young administrative unit, established in 1973. The Commune consists of the former groups:
- Słupca
- Cienin Zaborny
- Cienin Kościelny
- Młodojewo
Słupca Commune, located in the eastern part of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), consists only of rural areas.

The authorities of Słupca Commune:
• The Mayor – Grażyna Kazuś
• The Secretary – Karolina Walczak
• The Treasuer – Cezary Fajkowski

Subordinate units:
• The Municipal Waterworks and Sewage Network
Manager – Waldemar Szygenda
• The Municipal Social Welfare Centre
Manager – Anna Kubicka
• Shared services center of the Słupca commune
Manager – Jarosława Kobos


Contact details:

Słupca Commune Office
Ul. Sienkiewicza 16
62-400 Słupca

Tel.: (63) 274 36 76
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.