Information on the advantages of our region

Unusual on a national scale investment areas, which after merging (with Strzałkowo Commune land), may account for 450ha. Besides, we also offer land of total area of 120ha. All of them are located along the national road no 466, in the neighborhood of A2/E30 junction. Another advantages include a railway connection at the reconstructed railway Warszawa-Berlin, and the Ławica Airport in Poznań with passenger and freight terminal, which  facilitate efficient transport and communication in the whole region.  Convenient location of Słupca Commune areas on the main transit routes determinates easy access to these areas.


Ławica Airport in Poznań


Distance to the biggest cities in region, from Słupca Commune Office:

- Poznań, about 75 km
- Warszawa, about 250 km
- Łódź, about 140 km
- Wrocław, about 190 km
- Gdańska, about 290 km

About polish and local economy:

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Effective use of external grants shows development of Słupca Commune. The best examples include:
• under the Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013, it was possible to plan the undertaking „Village Renewal and Development”, resulting in social buildings restoration and the momodernization in Rozalin, Wola Koszucka Parcele with the village common in Niezgoda. The total funding amount was 261 035,75 PLN (the total cost of the project was 452 094,77 PLN);
• under the Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013(PROW 2007-2013 ) it was possible to implement the project “Basic services for farming and rural population”, which resulted in operation: “Sanitary sewage system with house drain pipes within the geodesic area of Koszuty Parcele”. The total funding amount was 1 283 411,00 PLN (the total cost of the project was 1 719 946,12 PLN);
• Sports Hall construction in Poniatówek, financing from the resources of the Physical Culture Development Fund. The total funding amount was 1 493 317,97 PLN (the total cost of the project was 4,7 million PLN);
• Construction of multi-functional pitch in Drążna: founds from Marshal’s Office, The total funding amount 139 284,00 PLN (the total cost of the project was 484 061,65 PLN);


Regional tourist attractions:

- the wooden churches in Kowalewo Opactwo, Koszuty and Młodojewo
- the monument to honour the heros of September 1939 (Wilczna)
- the monument of the January uprising insurgents (1863), Nowa Wieś
- the part of “The yellow tourist track” (Słupca-Piotrowice-Mieczownica-Kochowo-Powidz-Skorzęcin)
- the Wata Landscape Park, breeding refuge for many bird species
- the Słupeckie Lake, a place for fishing and yachting
- the Powidzkie Lake, one of the most pure postglacial lakes in Poland, with infrastructure for water sports, including yachting and diving
- protected natural areas
- for sports and physical activity there are many sport fields, including outdoor training gyms for adults and youth and also playground for a children












Nadwarciański Landscape Park (natural protected area)